Getting Started

At its heart, Glide is just a gradle plugin. It helps to understand some Gradle to customize Glide, however it is NOT required to know Gradle to start using glide.


  1. JDK 1.7 +

  2. Gradle 2.13+

Creating first app

  1. Create a directory for our project, lets call it a hello-glide

    mkdir hello-glide && cd hello-glide
  2. Create a file called build.gradle in this directory

    touch build.gradle
  3. Apply the glide plugin. Just copy paste the following snippet in build.gradle

    plugins {
      id "com.appspot.glide-gae" version "0.9.4"
  4. Create a directory app, this is where our controllers (groovelets) and other web resources will go

    mkdir app && cd app
  5. Create a file hello.groovy in app with following content

    println "hello, world!"
  6. Run app, from hello-glide (the project root)

    gradle appRun
  7. Open http://localhost:8080/index.groovy in browser (and try changing the groovy file).